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Compound microscope of the Galilean type fabricated in the second half of the 17th century in cardboard, leather, wood and iron. Of Italian workmanship, it was traditionally attributed to Galileo Galilei, but it now seems more plausible that it was fabricated by the famous instrument-maker Giuseppe Campani.

Name: Galilean compound microscope
Inventor: Galileo Galilei
Maker: Giuseppe Campani [attr.]
Date: Second half of the 17th century
Place: Italian make
Materials: Cardboard, leather, wood, iron


Total height: 200 mm
Height of body-tube: 166 mm
Diameter of body-tube: 49 mm
Height of support: 110 mm
Diameter of support: 55 mm

aperture: 24 mm; thickness at center: 5 mm
Field lens:
diameter: 30 mm; thickness at center: 4,7 mm
diameter: 11 mm; thickness at center: 3,5 mm

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