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Monochord man


Monochord man
S. Battaglia, G. Miglietta, S. Rubini

The model illustrates Robert Fludd's interpretation of the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm based on the correspondence between musical consonance, anatomical proportion and human faculties. A musical note is assigned to each sphere of the elements, the planets and the angelic hierarchies in order to establish a structured system of relations based on the correspondence between the centre of the monochord, or octave interval, the Sun and the heart.

Proportio quadrupla - 1 - disdiapason (double octave)

Proportio dupla - 1/2 - diapason (octave)

Proportio sesquialtera - 2/3 - diapente (fifth)

Proportio sesquitertia - 3/4 - diatessaron (fourth)

Γ - sol

A - la

B - si

C - do

D - re

E - mi

F - fa

G - sol

a - la

b - si

c - do

d - re

e - mi

f - fa

gg - sol