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Roberto Valturio (Valturius) (Rimini, 1405 - 1475)

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A secretary to Pope Eugene IV, then adviser to Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, humanist Roberto Valturio is chiefly known for his treatise on warfare, De re militari, of 1455.

The work celebrates the military prowess of Malatesta, who sent copies to Mathias Corvinus, Francesco Sforza, Sultan Mohammed II, and perhaps also King Louis XI of France and Lorenzo de? Medici.

The illustrations are probably the work of Matteo de? Pasti, who built the church of San Francesco in Rimini on the model prescribed by Leon Battista Alberti. Matteo also often drew inspiration from the treatises of Guido da Vigevano, Conrad Kyeser, and Taccola.

De re militari enjoyed considerable success. By 1472, a printed edition in Latin had appeared, followed in 1483 by an Italian edition.



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