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Fra’ Giovanni Giocondo (Verona, ca. 1433 - Rome, 1515)

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Between 1489 and 1493, he designed fortifications in Naples for Alfonso, Duke of Calabria, for whom he also prepared drawings to illustrate Francesco di Giorgio's Treatise.

Between 1500 and 1505 he built a siphon and aqueduct for the gardens of the Chateau de Blois, in France, and worked on the Notre-Dame bridge project in Paris. In supervising the latter, he used hydraulic machines inspired by Vitruvius and a "diopter" or theodolite of his invention. Along with other topographic instruments, this device is illustrated in an autograph manuscript. From 1506, he worked as military and hydraulic engineer in the Venetian Republic. In 1511, he published the first illustrated edition of Vitruvius's De architectura.



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