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Multimedia Museum Catalogue Multimedia Museum Catalogue
The Online Catalogue of the museum presents the more than 1,200 objects on permanent exhibition through color images, detailed descriptions and 3D virtual visits to the rooms. The user can access biographical data, explore "In Depth" information and find contextual background information related to the selected object.
Places of Scientific Interest in Tuscany Scientific Itineraries in Tuscany
Itineraries of the most significant places of historical-scientific interest throughout the region of Tuscany.
Leonardo and the Engineers of the Renaissance The Mind of Leonardo - the Universal Genius at Work
An exploration of the work and processes of the "Universal Genius" through text, images, reconstructions and animations.
Leonardo and the Engineers of the Renaissance Leonardo and the Engineers of the Renaissance
The machines, technical devices and constructions of Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi and the Sienese engineers of the Renaissance.
Ancient gardens from Babylon to Rome Ancient gardens from Babylon to Rome
The typological evolution of the garden in the ancient world: from place dedicated to otium and leisure to place devoted to meditation, study and experimentation in the naturalist and technical spheres.
The Line of the Sun The Line of the Sun
An ideal itinerary through the city of Florence to visit the places of monumental gnomons. The Census of Florentine sundials is available online.
The Life and work of Galileo The Life and work of Galileo
A virtual tridimensional exploration.
Court Scientists Court Scientists
The art of experimentation in the Accademia Galileiana del Cimento (1657-1667).
Michael of Rhodes Michael of Rhodes
Life, voyages, sea battles, scientific knowledge and manuscripts of Michael of Rhodes, mariner aboard Venetian ships in the 15th Century.
Mille anni di scienza in Italia Mille Anni di Scienza in Italia (in Italian only)
Chronology of the major historical events of scientific interest in Italy through the course of the last millenium, subdivided by area of discipline.
Evangelista Torricelli Evangelista Torricelli and Horror Vacui?
The discovery of the weight of air or the existence of the void.
Historical Pharmacies in Tuscany Historical Pharmacies in Tuscany (in Italian only)
Descriptions of the architectural elements, furnishings, scientific equipment and endowments of the historical pharmacies in Tuscany.
Homo Faber Homo Faber
Pompeii: Nature, Science and Technology in a Roman Town
Nel segno di Masaccio Nel segno di Masaccio - The invention of perspective (in Italian only)
The Tuscan artist's contributions to the development of perspective in the figurative arts.
Census of Scientific Collections in Tuscany Census of Scientific Collections in Tuscany (in Italian only)
Census of the Tuscan institutions that conserve scientific collections of historial interest.
Cycling through Time Cycling through Time
Exhibition of antique bicycles.
Vitrum Vitrum
Glass between Art and Science in the Roman World
Galilean Itineraries in Tuscany (in Italian only)
Places, documents and personalities related to Gaileo.
Leonardo's Automobile (in Italian only)
A project to reconstruct digital and functional models of Leonardo da Vinci's self-propelled cart.
Machina Mundi
Images and Measures of the Cosmos from Copernicus to Newton
Beautiful Minds Beautiful Minds
The Nobel Prize - a Century of Creativity (in Italian only)
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