The Mind of Leonardo
    [II.  The Face of the Genius]
      II.b.2 -  "Exploded" view of a skull
    [III. In Leonardo's Studio]
      III.2.a2 -  Oil table lamp
      III.2.g2 -  Compass for drawing ellipses
      III.2.h2 -  Compass for drawing parabolas
      III.2.i2 -  Compass for drawing epicycloids
      III.2.l -  Three metal styli for drawing
    [IV. The grammar of forms: proportion and analogy]
      IV.2.d2 -  Compound balance
      IV.2.e4 -  Human figure standing with center of gravity shown
      IV.2.l2 -  Cardanic pole
      IV.3A.a2 -  Spiral-form mazzocchio
      IV.3A.c5 -  Transformation of a dodecahedron into a cube having the same volume
      IV.3A.d2 -  Rosette pattern
      IV.3B.b5 -  Ornithopter (man-bird)
      IV.4A.a2 -  Centrally planned church
      IV.4A.b2 -  The skull as seat of the soul
      IV.4A.c2 -  Flying ship
      IV.4D.e2 -  Thrust bearing
      IV.5C.a1 -  Clay model for casting the horse for the Sforza monument
      IV.5C.a2 -  Casting mold for the legs
      IV.5C.h -  Outer mold divided into two halves and casting core
      IV.5C.i2 -  Casting mold of the head and neck
      IV.5C.j2 -  Casting mold for the tail
      IV.5D.b2 -  Machine for transporting the mold sections and positioning them in the casting pit
      IV.5E.o -  Forelegs of the Sforza horse
    [V. Motion: the universal agent]
      V.2.b2 -  Two equal cross-bows under different loads
      V.2.k2 -  Cords of equal section with weights applied in proportion to length
      V.2.l2 -  Monochord
      V.4.f -  Flying machine driven by the force of man
      V.6.f3 -  View of the mechanisms in Leonardo's mechanical lion
      V.6.f4 -  Leonardo's mechanical lion
      V.6.g2 -  The planetary clock of Chiaravalle
      V.6.i -  Water organ
      V.8B.e2 -  The Apostle Judas
      V.8B.f -  The Apostle Peter
      V.8B.h3 -  The Apostle Simon
    [VI.  The Science of Painting]
      VI.1.a3 -  Leonardo's eye
      VI.1.b3 -  Reflection of rays of light in a concave mirror
      VI.1.d4 -  Camera oscura with spherical lens
      VI.1.e3 -  Perspective projection of a colossus onto curved and angular walls
      VI.1.e4 -  Perspective projection of a colossus onto curved and angular walls
      VI.1.f2 -  Perspectograph
      VI.2.c2 -  Transparent view
      VI.3.f2 -  Oil-lamp for "sfumato"
      VI.3.g2 -  Shadows cast by a sphere lit by two light sources of different color
      VI.3.h2 -  Colored reflections on flesh
      VI.4.c -  The density of the air
      VI.5B.a1 -  Andrea del Verrocchio, Dama col Mazzolino
      VI.5B.b5 -  Organ with paper organ-pipes
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