The Mind of Leonardo
    [I. Leonardo: origins of the "Modern Manner"]
      I.A.a2 -  The mountain on the sea. Leonardo's Annunciation
      I.A.c2 -  Beyond the visible. Rediscovering the Adoration
    [III. In Leonardo's Studio]
      III.2.g3 -  Drawing ellipses
      III.2.h3 -  Compass for drawing parabolas
      III.2.i3 -  Compass for drawing epicycloids
      III.2.n -  Leonardo da Vinci's handwriting
    [IV. The grammar of forms: proportion and analogy]
      IV.1.a -  The man in the circle and the square
      IV.1.b -  Geometric construction
      IV.1.d -  The man in the circle and the square, before and after Leonardo
      IV.3.A.e2 -  Kaleidoscop of lunes
      IV.3B.a -  The centaur man
      IV.4.A.a3 -  Process of geometric generation of a centrally planned church
      IV.4.A.c3 -  The flying ship
      IV.4.B.a -  Vincian knot
      IV.4.C.a -  The law of ramification (trees, veins, rivers, bronchial system)
      IV.4.D.b -  Organic and mechanical joints
      IV.4.D.f -  Mating figures
      IV.5A.i -  Leonardo's Colossus
      IV.5.B.n -  Measuring the anatomical proportions of a horse
      IV.5.C.s -  Cast of the model and construction of the casting core
      IV.5.D.f -  Machines for transporting and assembling the casting core
      IV.5.E.p -  Casting the bronze
    [V. Motion: the universal agent]
      V.3.a2 -  "Perpetual motion" wheel
      V.5.C.e2 -  Leonardo's Deluge
      V.6.a2 -  Harmonic diffusion of waves in water
      V.6.d2 -  Harmonic actions
      V.6.f5 -  The mechanical lion
      V.6.g3 -  The planetary clock of Chiaravalle
      V.6.h2 -  Harmony in the motions of man
      V.7.B.d -  Motions of consumption in the Earth's body
      V.8.B.a -  The Last Supper Kaleidoscope of motions and emotions
      V.8B.b -  The theatre of passions
      V.8.B.c -  On the set of the Last Supper
      V.8.B.d -  Ejzenštejn and the Last Supper
    [VI. The Science of Painting]
      VI.1.c3 -  Experiments in visual perception
      VI.2.b3 -  Views in rotation
      VI.3.b2 -  The eye and the light source
      VI.3.e -  From darkness to light
      VI.4.a -  Aerial perspective in Leonardo's paintings
      VI.5.B.b4 -  Organ with paper organ-pipes (audio)
      VI.5.C.b1 -  Repertories of forms
      VI.5C.b2 -  Leonardo's personal dictionary
      VI.5C.b3 -  Talking pictures: Leonardo's rebuses
    [VII. At the time of the "Battle of Anghiari" (1504–1508)]
      VII.1.z -  At the "School of the World". Leonardo's Battle of Anghiari
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