The life and work of Galileo - A virtual tridimensional exploration

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The project contents focus on some aspects of Galileo’s life. They are divided in four thematic sections:

  •     - Chronology
  •     - Places
  •     - Biographies
  •     - Instruments

The first section presents eleven slideshows on the life and fortune of the Tuscan scientist: Childhood and Adolescence; Early Research; Between Padua and Venice; The Great Celestial Discoveries; The First Astronomical Controversies; Galileo Member of the Lincei; Trial, Sentencing, Abjuration; The Last Years at Arcetri;Galileo’s Memory;The Story of Galileo’s Instruments;The Story of Galileo’s Works.

The second, third and fourth sections present a selection of numerous topics relative to Galileo’s experience, totalling about forty items.

The second section offers descriptions of some Tuscan places related to the scientist’s life. The visitor can find Florence, Pisa and Siena on an ancient map of Tuscany and, clicking on the photos, read about each place.

The third section presents a gallery of portraits through which the visitor can access the biographies of some related personalities. They are subdivided in three categories: Patrons, Disciples and Churchmen.

The fourth section is dedicated to the exploration of the instruments invented or made by Galileo.


The visitor can navigate the contents of the site through a 3D interface, in which the four sections are displayedas separate floors joined by stairs.

All information is interlinked to offer the visitor a netlike overview of Galileo’s life.



This application has been accomplished within the European Project Pencil (Permanent European Resource Centre for Informal Learning), with the technological support of the Laboratorio Percro of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa



Technical specifications

The first run of the application requires automatically the installation of the plug-in Xtreme VR, only compatible with Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, this application requires a video card with 3d acceleration capabilities and video drivers with OpenGL support. If you experience any problems, you should update your video drivers.

You can obtain an up-to-date version of your video drivers from the manufacturer's site:








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