Complete texts of the web application Galileo's microscope
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Test material for verifying the contents of the web application Galileo's microscope
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Brief collection of anthological texts about Galileo's microscope and microscopy in the 17th century
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How to make a microscope
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Web resources
In english:
Microscopie Imaging Station, Exploratorium di San Francisco
Advanced educational post providing spectacular images of cells and microorganisms.
Museum of Microscopy, Florida State University
Detailed analysis of the various types of microscope from the 17th to the 20th century.
Microscope, Index of Resources
Applications, activities, imaging, forums.
In italian:
The virtual microscope
Giovanni Pietro Sini, Elementi Pratici di Microscopia Ottica, 2007.
Manual of microscopy, over 500 pages (16 Mb), a work unique of its kind in Italian.
University of Messina, Department of Physics, Microscopia ottica: ingrandimento e microscopio ottico
A precise dissertation, using accessible language, on the optical microscope.
Galileian resources:
Galileo Portal
Society of Microscopic Sciences
Italian Society of Optics and Photonics


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