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In 1884 the Turin maker Costantino Vianzone presented the "bicicletto": a bicycle with a wooden frame and rope wheels. One year later, Edoardo Bianchi began industrial-scale production of bicycles. The Italian term "bicicletta" (from the French bicyclette) came into common use in the late 1880s.



Fig.8  Bicicletto-type bicycle. 1890-1900; Prinetti Stucchi, Milan. Iron. One-piece frame, handlebar with brake rods. The wheels are covered with a "copertura a tallone": a rubber reinforcement applied to the two extremities.



1909: First "Giro d'Italia", 2,448.5 km with eight stops, won by the Lombard Luigi Ganna.

In 1895 the "Unione Velocipedistica Italiana" was founded, which later became today's Italian Touring Club.

When it first appeared, the Gazzetta dello Sport's subtitle was "The Cyclist - La tripletta" (a three-seated cycle also used in competition.)

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