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An exhibition of antique bicycles in the new ground-floor exhibition spaces of the Museum.
From March 22,
Cycling through Time

Cycling through Time

A very popular vehicle, the bicycle is nowadays well-loved by people of all ages and has become a symbol of healthy lifestyles and environmentalism. Its history is full of fascinating surprises. Cycling through Time highlights the most important phases in the development of two-wheeled vehicles, emphasizing their political and symbolic meaning in the context in which they appeared. It also focuses on the changing face of the "typical cyclist". The antique bicycles on display, heavily damaged by the 1966 flood in Florence and recently restored, were donated to the Museum by various collectors (Tantini, Ulivi, Galli-Tassi, Ricasoli Firidolfi) and they are not usually on display. In this exhibition they are accompanied by antique prints, posters and photographs.


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