Complete texts of the application Galileo's compass
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Galileo's Operations of the geometric and military compass (complete text)
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How to make Galileo's compass
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Baldassarre Capra  
Galileo Galilei
Cosimo II de' Medici      
Galileo's geometric and military compass  
Reduction compass
Mordente compasses
Compass for drawing ellispes (only in italian)  
Proportional compasses
Proteo militare
Military proteus (Museum of the History of Science, Oxford)
Nautical mapping compasses  
"Radio latino"
Spherical or caliber compasses  
Folding rule
Three-legged compasses      
Digital Library      
Galileo's Operazioni del compasso geometrico et militare  
Defence of Galileo Galilei... against the calumnies and pretences of Baldassar Capra
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