This project has been conceived and carried out by the Multimedia Laboratory of the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza.

Prototype design: Luisa Barattin, Serena Goracci, Silvia Trentanove
Scientific manager: Filippo Camerota
Production manager: Jacopo Tonini
Final project: Serena Goracci, Jacopo Tonini

Editorial coordination: Serena Goracci
Texts and iconographic research: Filippo Camerota, Serena Goracci
Translation: Catherine Frost, Jonathan Mandelbaum
Translation of Galileo’s treatise taken from Stillman Drake, Operations of the Geometric and Military Compass, Washington, D.C., 1978 (with thanks to Florence Drake and the Smithsonian Institution Press)
Screenplay: Serena Goracci
Graphics: Monica Tassi
Slide shows: Daniela Vespoli
Animation: Francesco Cocchi, Roberta Massaini, Daniela Vespoli
3D model and illustration of the compass: Francesco Cocchi
Software: Jacopo Tonini with Francesco Cocchi
Narrators: Walter Bonino and Nicolas Brownlees for MP Communication, Florence

Photographs: Franca Principe and Sabina Bernacchini, IMSS Iconographic Archives

Other collaborators: Riccardo Braga, Fabio Corica, Francesca Fares and Silvia Paoli
For their invaluable suggestions, we would like to thank: Paolo Galluzzi, Graziano Magrini, Danette St. Onge, Gabriele Pratesi and Iolanda Rolfo

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