This application has been conceived and carried out by the Multimedia Laboratory of the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, within the EU Pencil Project.

Prototype design: Luisa Barattin, Serena Goracci, Silvia Trentanove
Scientific manager: Graziano Magrini
Contents of "How it works"; "Magnification and resolution"; "How to make a microscope" edited by
Giuseppe Molesini
Project coordination: Dinni Rolfo, Jacopo Tonini
Texts and iconographic research: Graziano Magrini, Dinni Rolfo
Translation: Catherine Frost
Graphics: Monica Tassi with Daniela Vespoli
Web development: Roberta Massaini
Slide shows: Daniela Vespoli
3D model of the microscope: Riccardo Braga
Software: Jacopo Tonini
Narrator: Paul Morse for MP Communication, Florence
Photographs: Franca Principe and Sabina Bernacchini, IMSS Iconographic Archives
For their invaluable suggestions, we would like to thank: Leonardo Curioni, Francesco Gabbrielli

General Coordination Pencil Project: Silvana Barbacci

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