2 - The Greek world: gardens of gods and of philosophers

In the arid landscape of Greece, little gardens were treasures to be handed down from generation to generation. The miracle of nature reborn in these green plots was probably at the origin of the early association between verdure and the concept of divinity. Since the primordial ages of Greek civilization, sacred groves had been an integral part of the rural landscape. It was only starting from the 4th-3rd century B.C. that such groves were planted in the city and around it.

The famous philosophical schools of Plato and Aristotle originated in these green havens, the ideal spots for meditation, on the outskirts of Athens.

In later times the sovereigns of the Hellenic Age surrounded their royal palaces with luxurious parks. Famous among them was the Museum of Alexandria, where areas dedicated to study and research were flanked by a botanical garden abounding in plants and animals.

Red-figure Lucanian bell krater (detail)
2.A - The gardens of the gods 2.B - The gardens of philosophy

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