4 - The Pompeii gardens re-created

The exhibition ends with a spectacular full-scale reconstruction of two Pompeian gardens, those of the House of the Vettii and of the House of the Painters at Work, both set up in the lawns facing the Limonaia.

The reconstruction is based on archaeological excavations carried out at the end of the 19th century (House of the Vettii) and more recent scientific research (House of the Painters at Work). It has thus been possible to re-create the overall design of the two gardens, including true copies of the fountains and the bronze and marble sculptures. Geometrical flowerbeds have also been arranged, where the same plants adorning them at the time of Vesuvian eruption have been accommodated.

Cupid with duck and cluster of grapes
4.A - The garden of the House of the Vettii 4.B - The viridarium of the House of the Painters at Work

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