Ancient garden from Babylon to Rome

Mosaic fountain
Institute and Museum of the History of Science

Mosaic fountain

Polychrome glass and seashell mosaic, Julian-Claudian Age
Pompeii, House of the Gold Bracelet
Soprintendenza Archeologica di Pompei, inv. 40689 A-G

The nymphaeum has been detached from the back wall of room 32. The apsidal wall presents, on either side of the opening, two rectangular panels with garden scenes. In the lower part there is a fence through which can be seen a flourishing garden, whose shrubs depicted in multicoloured tesserae cover almost all of the panels except a small band of sky. A circular basin standing on a pillar, with two doves perched on its edge, is depicted at the center of each panel.
An opening placed at the center of the apsidal niche was connected to the floor above, which in turn communicated with a channel leading to a collection tank for the water supply.