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Multimedia index

Academies and Institutions
Accademia dei Lincei
Accademia del Cimento
Museo di Fisica workshops
Dome structure
Siena’s underground aqueduct
The dome structure
The dome worksite
Copernican system
Florentine observatories
Galileo's astronomy
Galileo's micrometer
Lorenzo della Volpaia's planetary clock
Pretelescopic astronomy
Ptolemaic system
Saturn's system
Sundials (1)
Sundials (2)
The planetary clock
Tycho Brahe's system
Chemistry and Pharmacy
Affinity tables
Chemistry laboratory of the Museo di Fisica
From alchemy to chemistry
Modern chemistry
Peter Leopold's chemistry cabinet
Pharmacy as science
Electricity and Magnetism
Birth of electricity and electrostatics
Galileo and magnetism
Lightning rod
Geography and Cartography
Leonardo: two projects for the Arno
Navigation techniques
Historic mansions
Casa Datini - video
Castello Malaspina - video
Palazzo Piccolomini - video
Leonardo’s manuscripts
The manuscripts of the Sienese engineers
Alternate motion
Alternate rectilinear movement
Belt transmission
Brachistochronous fall
Equilibrium on inclined planes
Feather and guinea experiment
File cutter
Flying machine
Galileo and mechanics
Galileo and the science of motion
Gearing with helicoidal teeth
Hammer driven by eccentric cam
Helical gear
Hydrostatics and hydraulics
Inclined plane
Isochronism of falling bodies along a spiral on a paraboloid
Lantern crane
Lantern crane (final phase)
Large crane
Law of free-falling bodies
Leaf-spring clock
Mastering water
Mechanical clocks
Parabolic trajectory of projectiles
Pendulum movement
Pressure-resistant ball bearing
Pulling device
Retractable bridge
Robot 2
Studies on flight
The anatomy of machines
Three speed hoist
Water-raising machine

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