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  • Avenue through the pinewoods of Marina di Cecina Riserva Naturale Biogenetica "Tomboli di Cecina".zoom in altra finestra
  • Entrance to the arboretum, Riserva Naturale Biogenetica "Tomboli di Cecina".zoom in altra finestra

Arboreto della Riserva Naturale Biogenetica "Tomboli di Cecina" [Arboretum of the "Tomboli di Cecina" Biogenetic Nature Reserve]

The arboretum is located in Marina di Cecina inside the fascinating "Tomboli di Cecina" Biogenetic Nature Reserve, a vast area instituted by Ministerial Decree on July 13, 1997, which extends along the Tyrrhenian coast between Vada and Marina di Bibbona. "Tomboli" are long ridges of sand dunes covered with thick vegetation, which from the sandy coast penetrate inland. These protective belts were ordered by Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II to defend the inland cultivations from brackish air and wind from the sea.

Equipped with a good system of signs, the arboretum permits close-up observation of the variegated vegetation of the Mediterranean underbrush, including lentisk, strawberry tree, evergreen oak, cluster pine, umbrella pine, etc. Along the arboretum itinerary, we also see the dens of badgers, foxes and porcupines.


Texts by Graziano Magrini

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 06/feb/2008