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Farmacia del Monastero di San Vincenzo [Pharmacy of the San Vincenzo Convent]

The pharmacy was built in 1562 in some rooms on the ground floor of the San Vincenzo Convent. In 1731 the arch and the embrasures of the eastern window were decorated. Subsequently (presumably up to 1763) the walls were decorated, landscapes and architectural scenes were painted on the doors of two closets, and the little vaulted ceiling was painted with a scene of Santa Caterina de' Ricci in Glory. Other initiatives, such as the flooring and the addition of other furniture, were carried out in 1753 and, six years later, the decoration of the transom over the french window on the west side, very similar to the friezes in the entrance-hall to the refectory, was added. The work was carried out under the direction of Ferdinando Melani. The convent, suppressed in 1810 and transformed into a Conservatory, was bought back by the religions Orders in 1899. In 1934 it became the Devout Institute of Santa Caterina de' Ricci and was entrusted to the Dominican Nursing Nuns of the Congregation of Saint Catherine of Siena. The pharmacy today is elegantly decorated and possesses a fine group of eighteenth-century objects, particularly interesting for the glassware of Tuscan craftsmanship, with examples of different types (flasks, albarellos, bottles, and funnels).


Texts by Francesco Boccanera, Anna Vittoria Laghi

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 04/feb/2008