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Farmacia Selva [Selva Pharmacy]

It is interesting to recall this pharmacy for the curious story of its owner, Dr. Giovanni Pagliano, a baritone and pharmacist, who became famous for his renowned "hundred herbs elixir of long life". It was in fact Pagliano who, after having unsuccessfully attempted to pursue a career as opera singer, had a theater built in a section of the ancient Stinche jail ("patrie galere fiorentine " since 1301). This was the Teatro Pagliano, today's Teatro Verdi, built between 1834 and 1853 by Telemaco Bonaiuti. On those premises he also opened a pharmacy, which was bought in 1934 by Dr. Romeo Selva, the grandfather of the current owner, for whom the pharmacy is named. Of the antique pharmaceutical equipment, only a few jars remain today.


Texts by Antonella Gozzoli

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 05/gen/2008