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  • The Muraglione, San Godenzo.zoom in altra finestra
  • The Muraglione, San Godenzo.zoom in altra finestra


The Muraglione Pass puts in communication the valley of the Rio di San Godenzo and that of the Montone River. Leopoldo II intended to make this road the main thoroughfare of access to Romagna-Toscana. In 1836, to ensure transit and to shelter travelers from the wind and snow that lashed this place in the past, he had a long wall built at the most exposed point. As recalled by an epigraph walled into the structure at the top, the work was carried out to the project of the Florentine engineer Alessandro Manetti, at the time Director of the "Corps of Engineers of Watercourses and Roads".


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 16/apr/2009