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  • Archive photograph of the 1940s, Gori & Zucchi Company Museum, Arezzo.zoom in altra finestra

Museo Aziendale Gori & Zucchi- UNOAERRE [Gori & Zucchi Company Museum - UNOAERRE]

Founded by Società Gori & Zucchi - Uno A Erre in 1998, this was the first company museum in Arezzo and the first museum of the goldsmith’s art in Italy. The exhibition is divided into various sections: industrial archaeology, designs and creative projects, historical collection, jewels by artists, art medals and plaquettes. It also exhibits old machinery that documents the first technological innovations applied to the goldsmithing industry in the 1930s and 1940s, old workbenches, and a wide range of utensils for chasing and decorating. The museum also presents more than 400 jewels, several of them designed by artists such as Dalì, Manzù, Messina and Giò Pomodoro, and a series of original goldsmith’s designs and projects.


Texts by Stefania Mangia

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 20/feb/2008