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Museo di Malacologia Terrestre [Museum of Terrestrial Malacology]

For its very singular nature, the Museum of Terrestrial Malacology, housed in an ancient eleventh-century building, may be considered unique of its kind in Italy. Founded in 1988 by the International Malacology Association, headquartered in Rome, it is the result of years of research and studies on the relationship between terrestrial molluscs, plants and the environment, especially as regards mountainous zones and inland waterways.

The exhibition, displayed on two floors, consists of four large exhibition areas divided according to geographical areas. The collection includes, in addition to showcases containing the shells of terrestrial molluscs, large terrariums and aquariums with live specimens. In particular, there are shells of molluscs coming from tropical forests, from rivers, lakes, swamps, dry and wooded zones all over the world. Noteworthy are some rare specimens, including some that are now extinct and others found only in sub-fossil form.


Texts by Stefania Mangia

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 14/gen/2008