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Museo della Paglia e dell'Intreccio "Domenico Michelacci" ["Domenico Michelacci" Straw and Straw-weaving Museum"]

Founded in 1998 at the initiative of a group of local industrialists, sponsored by the Signa Archaeological Group and the Commune of Signa, the Museum is not only a place for collecting and preserving an extraordinary heritage linked to the economy of Tuscany from the 18th to the 20th century, but also a centre of cultural promotion. Starting from the revival of a collective historic memory, the Museum is a reference point for the restoration of objects, the training of personnel, and services provided to companies operating in this sector.

The collection includes implements, raw materials, products, sample collections, documents and archives from companies, authorities and associations, as well as iconographic material pertaining to the production processes and marketing of straw products in Signa and throughout the world.


Texts by Donato Monaco

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 13/feb/2008