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Museo della Pietra Serena [Museum of Pietra Serena]

Founded on December 19, 1999, the Museum is housed in the basement of the Fortress of Firenzuola (Town Hall headquarters), built in the late 15th century on a plan by Antonio da Sangallo. It documents the techniques of extraction and working pietra serena by means of exhibiting locally produced artefacts, utensils (chisels, anvils, whetting stones, wedges and other stonemasons’ and quarrymen’s tools) and works of art tied to the town of Firenzuola. The quarries of "Firenzuola stone" are sited in the mountains east of Piancaldoli and in the valleys of the Santerno stream (tributary of the Reno) and Rovigo stream (tributary of the Santerno). The Museum of Pietra Serena of Firenzuola is part of the Mugello - Upper Mugello - Val di Sieve Diffused Museum.


Texts by Graziano Magrini

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 25/feb/2008