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Museo di Storia Naturale di Rosignano Solvay - Associazione "Amici della Natura Rosignano" [Rosignano Solvay Museum of Natural History - "Rosignano Friends of Nature" Association]

The Museum was inaugurated in 1966 with an exhibition of insects collected by children vacationing at the Gavinana summer camp, in the Province of Pistoia. Since then, a small group of Natural Science enthusiasts has launched the activity of searching over the territory, enriching the collections still further. In 1992 the "Rosignano Friends of Nature" Association, which now manages the Museum, was founded under the sponsorship of the Communal Administration of Rosignano Marittimo. The prime objectives of the Association are divulging scientific culture, improving knowledge of the territory and collaborating with the schools by organising conferences, courses, exhibitions and guided tours.

The Museum occupies five rooms on the ground floor of the "Europa" elementary school. In addition to naturalist specimens, there are dioramas displaying scenes of environmental interest.

Outside of the Museum, in the old courtyard of the school, a small Botanical Garden has been laid out, with plants typical of the Mediterranean basin, the coastal dunes and other environments in the Rosignano territory.


Texts by Francesco Marchetti

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 29/gen/2008