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Museo Tematico del Paesaggio [Landscape Theme Museum]

The unique feature of the Landscape Museum of Castelnuovo Berardenga lies in the idea on which its project is based: not the simple display of objects, but the analysis of a concept, that of "landscape", as it has been experienced by mankind in all of its various forms. Located in a former slaughterhouse still active in recent years, the museum illustrates the relationship between human beings and the surrounding territory, the Sienese one in particular, though educational panels in Italian and English, photographs, documents, archeological findings and slide shows.

From landscape as image created by the observer, to its history in the sphere of the figurative arts, the exhibition goes on to analyse the role assumed by landscape in scientific studies of the naturalist and historical-socialogical kind, to conclude with an analysis of its importance in expressions of contemporary culture (the cinema, advertising, and so on). This is a museum that will undoubtedly stimulate reflection in the visitor, who will look with different eyes at what surrounds him after this experience.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 28/feb/2008