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Museo della Vite e del Vino di Roccastrada [Roccastrada Museum of Grapes and Wine]

Situated in the heart of Roccastrada, the Museo della Vite e del Vino is, as suggested by its name, dedicated to recording the winemaking activity carried out in the surrounding territory. The exhibition, occupying two floors, has a first section that illustrates aspects of the life of the peasant population in the area, especially as regards the production of wine, through a number of panels accompanied by prints, paintings, old photographs and notarial documents.

Displayed on the floor below, in a monumental wine-cellar dug out of the rock, are not only objects linked to wine growing (barrels, demijohns, tubs and other articles) but also tools for working stone and instruments used in mining.

For visitors who would like to taste the genuine flavours of the Maremma countryside, there is a sampling table with wines produced by local growers.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 28/feb/2008