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  • Flowerbed reproducing the "Gessi di Sassalbo", "Frignoli" Botanical Garden, Frignoli di Sassalbo, Fivizzano.zoom in altra finestra
  • Apennine primula, "Frignoli" Botanical Garden, Frignoli di Sassalbo, Fivizzano.zoom in altra finestra

Orto Botanico dei Frignoli ["Frignoli" Botanical Garden]

The "Frignoli" Botanical Garden was derived from the nursery of the State Foresters Corps created in 1932. The area measuring some seven hectares, was terraced with dry walls, still existent today. Today’s Garden was inaugurated in 1990, on prevalently provincial property, by initiative of the Comunità Montana and the Museum of Natural History of Lunigiana.

The Botanical Garden is made up of an arboretum with approximately one-hundred species of the Apuane, Apennine and Mediterranean area, and beds reproducing typical terrains of different environments: Apennine (gypsums, red scale, calcareous sandstone), Apuane Alps (marbles and dolomites), and wetlands. The Garden also contains the "herbal plain", characterised by spontaneous herbs collected for food in Lunigiana, and by natural and anthropic woods, derived from the spontaneous growth of plants cultivated in the nursery.

Finally, the Garden has an educational area open to the public; the public relations office supplies guides of the flora, and trekking maps.


Texts by Francesco Marchetti

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 24/gen/2008