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Ospedale di Fivizzano [Fivizzano Hospital]

On the ancient Hospital of Sant'Antonio we have only scarce information reported by Repetti in the Dizionario geografico fisico storico della Toscana: "The little church of the Hospital, situated at the beginning of the village street, between the market square and the gate called "di sopra", is thought to be the first hospital founded by Marchese Spinetta in his will of 1352; although local memory declares that it belonged to the ecclesiastics known as Canons of St. Anthony of the Fire of the Congregation of Vienna in the Dauphiné, since this is shown by the parchments of that Prefecture which were sent to the Florence Diplomatic Archives and more especially by an inscription carved on that building with the arms of said religious order." Further on, Repetti speaks of another hospital "with a capacity of 30 beds, and well endowed with allocations" founded in 1732 by the Florentine Giovanni Capponi, Commissioner of Fivizzano. In addition to medical services, the institution provided for the care of abandoned children "according to the system used by those of the Innocenti in Florence, a system shown to yield excellent results."

Today very little remains of the ancient hospital. The original Franciscan church was demolished by an earthquake in 1920, while a part of the hospital was later destroyed by bombing on December 27-28, 1944.


Texts by Antonella Gozzoli

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 21/feb/2008