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  • Palazzo De Larderel, Livorno.zoom in altra finestra
  • Palazzo De Larderel, Livorno.zoom in altra finestra

Palazzo De Larderel

On the old Via dei Condotti Nuovi, today Via De Larderel, stands the genteel palazzo built between 1832 and 1854 by Francesco Giacomo Larderel, the merchant of French origin who installed at Montecerboli the first industrial centre for the production of borax.

On the facade of the building, as well as inside, decorative elements reproduce allegories of production sources and portrayals of illustrious men. The large triangular gable that dominates the facade frames the coat of arms of the De Larderel family with allegories of agriculture, mechanics and trade, while the statues in the atrium portray illustrious Tuscans, including scientists Galileo Galilei, Paolo Mascagni and Francesco Redi.

The galleries and halls of the palazzo hosted the family collection which Giuseppe Piombanti describes in his Guida: «The palazzo contains a rich and beautiful private gallery. There are family portraits … a collection of antique and modern paintings, statues, marble busts, trophies, age-old weapons, chased works and works in ivory, enamels, bronzes, Della Robbian earthenware, vases from various factories, minerals, mummies, votive offerings and other rare and valuable objects».

Today the palazzo is the headquarters of the Magistrate’s Court of Livorno.


Texts by Anna Toscano

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 01/feb/2008