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  • Entrance to the Scuola Media "Luca Pacioli", Sansepolcro.zoom in altra finestra

Scuola Media "Luca Pacioli" ["Luca Pacioli" Intermediate School]

The school was established in 1866 as a Communal Technical School, later to become an Intermediate School. Named for the great mathematician Luca Pacioli, it conserves materials coming from its original mid-nineteenth century equipment. Among the oldest pieces are a camera obscura and a Ramsden electrostatic machine. Dating from the late 19th century, instead, is the majority of the instrumentation for experiments in physics (a kaleidoscope signed Oben, a Cartesian diver, a spark gap, etc.). There is also a small ornithological collection , a collection of minerals and a series of plant and mycological models.


Texts by Fausto Casi

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 02/gen/2008