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  • Exterior of Villa Mondeggi, Bagno a Ripoli.zoom in altra finestra
  • Decoration on entrance gate to Villa Mondeggi, Bagno a Ripoli.zoom in altra finestra

Villa Mondeggi

One of the most beautiful and renowned on the outskirts of Florence, since 1538 the Villa has belonged to the Della Gherardesca counts. Inside, it conserves sculptures and paintings (including several portraits of the House of Medici), as well as porcelains, crystals and "objects of curiosity".

On the facade of the villa is a marble sundial of 1850 which, as written on a plaque, was commissioned by Guido Alberto Della Gherardesca to Piarist father Giovanni Antonelli, professor of astronomy at the Osservatorio Ximeniano.

The vast garden is adorned with fountains, lanes, a lake supplied by the waters of mount Fonte Santa, and monuments to Camillo and Alberto Della Gherardesca. Today, the villa is a farm that has undertaken various experimental activities in collaboration with the School of Agrarian and Forestal Sciences of the University of Florence and with the CNR.


Texts by Alessandro Tosi

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 05/feb/2008