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This site was produced for The Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology by WGBH Interactive and is currently hosted by the Institute and Museum of the History of Science (Florence).

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For the Dibner Institute

David McGee
Co-Director, Michael of Rhodes Project; Project Manager; Web site Writer

Pamela O. Long
Co-Director, Michael of Rhodes project

Alan M. Stahl
Co-Director, Michael of Rhodes project

Bonnie Edwards
Executive Director, Dibner Institute

George Smith
Director, Dibner Institute

Philip N. Cronenwett
Director, Burndy Library

Many thanks are due to all the members of the Michael of Rhodes project team: Dieter Blume, Mauro Bondioli, Piero Falchetta, Raffaella Franci, Franco Rossi, Faith Wallis

Special thanks to all those who gave advice and suggested corrections along the way, particularly: Claire Calcagno, Filipe Vieira de Castro, Matthew Harpster, Dawn Loring, Alan Hartley, Gilberto Penzo, John Pryor, Glen Van Brummelen, Matteo Valleriani, James R. Voelkel, Diana Wright

For WGBH Interactive

Keren Shomer

Kim Ducharme
Senior Designer

Stewart Smith

Mayo Todorovic

Jon Whitney
Associate Developer

Jamie Biggar
Senior Developer

Julie Wolf

Jim Barton
Business Manager

Amy Stahl
Unit Manager

Special thanks to: Daniel Bulli, Anthony Cerasuolo, Rick Groleau, Jason Kahn, Peter Pinch, Adriana Sacchi, Annie Valva

Louise Weber
Senior Producer