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Shipbuilding: Frame Diagram (p. 139a)

Shipbuilding: Frame Diagram (p. 139a)

Michael is thought to have drawn and colored his own drawings. This companion to the diagram on p. 138b depicts the apparatus used to determine the shape of the stern. It was placed on the scarf joining the keel timber to the sternpost. Thin wooden battens, or ribbands (maistra), were bent around it to help establish the proper curve of the hull at this point.

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+ Ihesus + Quista se die meter sul poselexe del choltro de pope.

+ Jesus + This should be placed on the stern-keel joint It will have 9 _ feet A quarter minus one cane one quarter minus one cane It rises by 6 1/4 It will have 6 _ feet Bend It rises by 1 1/3 It will have 3 _ feet It rises _ foot It will have a quarter 2/3 of a foot Facing this will be the head of our galley of Flanders, that is the prow