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Shipbuilding: Ships Boats (p. 143a)

Shipbuilding: Ships Boats (p. 143a)

Michael says at the beginning of his section on shipbuilding that he will tell you how to build and equip a galley of Flanders. Every galley was equipped with two boats, one larger than the other. Note the unique style of oarlock clearly visible on the upper boat, which is very similar to the oarlock of the modern Venetian gondola. Michael left blanks in his text for the dimensions of the boats, as he did on some other pages. This is a puzzling feature of Michael's text.

See enlargement:

+ Ihesus + E vuol la nostra galia de Fiandria barcha una longa pasa e pie , e vuol eser longa la so cholonba pie , e vol eser erta pie , e vuol eser averta in bocha pie , e vuol de pian pie . E vuol la ditta gallia chopano longo pie , e vuol eser erto pie , e vuol eser alargo in bocha pie , e vo- l eser in pian pie , e vuol eser in cholonba pie . Ve- dirì qui de sotto per figura. barcha chopano //

+ Jesus + And our Flanders galley needs a boat ___ paces and ___ long and its keel needs to be ___ feet and it needs a height of ___ feet, and it needs to have a breadth of ___ feet and needs a floor of ___ feet. And the galley needs a skiff ___ feet long, and needs a height of ___ feet, and needs to be ___ feet wide in breadth and needs a floor of ___ feet, and its keel needs to be ___ feet. You will see it figured below. Boat Skiff