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Acquario della Laguna - Museo della Pesca e delle Tradizioni Lagunari [Aquarium of the Lagoon - Museum of Fishing and Lagoon Traditions]

The lagoon of Orbetello constitutes a unique example of ecosystem, inhabited by both freshwater and saltwater fish. The main objective of the Lagoon Aquarium-Museum is that of making its visitors aware of the importance of safeguarding this very particular wet zone. The aquarium, located at Talamone, although small in size, offers a chance to become acquainted with this particular habitat through stages that illustrate the flora and fauna found in the lagoon in relation to the depth, the greater or lesser saltiness of the water and its temperature.

In the Museum of Fishing and Lagoon Traditions, the ancient trades pursued by the local populations are documented by instruments, vintage photographs and traditional tools. Around the Orbetello Lagoon there has grown up over the centuries an economy and a culture closely linked to this fragile, singular aquatic environment. In particular, the implements used for fishing in the lagoon are displayed, classified according to the different kinds of fishing. Clear, precise captions facilitate a discovery of the two worlds of the lagoon, the underwater world and the one inhabiting its shores.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 17/gen/2008