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  • Gaumont projector for 35 mm film, 1915, "Fausto Casi" Collection, Arezzo.zoom in altra finestra
  • Ramazzotti receiver with SAFAR loudspeaker, 1926, "Fausto Casi" Collection, Arezzo.zoom in altra finestra

Collezione "Fausto Casi: storia dei mezzi di comunicazione" ["Fausto Casi History of Communications" Collection]

In 1975, antiquarian Fausto Casi began collecting the more than 1000 apparatuses that document the history and evolution of means of communication. The collection includes period radios, from the Marconi patent to 1940’s radios, and historical material on cinema, from nineteenth-century optical games to the amateur cinema of the 1960s. There is also a collection of scientific instruments tied to the discovery of X-rays, such as old vacuum pumps and Geissler and Roentgen tubes. The period pieces are joined by historical-bibliographical material: a rich library, archive documents, film footage and photographic documents.

Housed in Palazzo Sabatini, since December 2005 the collection has become the permanent exhibition "Per un museo dei mezzi di comunicazione. Suono - Scrittura - Immagine" ["For a museum of communications. Sound - Writing - Images"], managed by "The World at Home" cultural association.


Texts by Fausto Casi

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 12/gen/2008