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  • General view of the sea-front side, Colonia Torino, Marina di Massa.zoom in altra finestra
  • View of the façade overlooking the sea, Colonia Torino, Marina di Massa.zoom in altra finestra

Colonia Marina Torino [Turin Seaside Hostel]

Planned by the Turin Fascist federation as a summer camp for young people, it was built between 1936 and 1938 to the project of the architects Ettore Sotsass and Alfio Guaitoli. With the end of Fascism, the hostel became the property of the Region of Tuscany, and continued to serve as a holiday camp at the seaside for a decade, after which it was converted into a school. Starting in the Sixties, it entered a long period of abandonment and degradation. Today, after a series of major restoration initiatives, the former summer camp will probably become a youth hostel.

The typological layout, particularly innovational, is that of a village made up of six pavilions in the shape of parallelepipeds equipped with modern, efficient technological systems. The buildings in the complex, connected with one another by a series of porticoes, are distributed around garden areas originally consisting of small pine groves, and are arranged either parallel to or perpendicular to the coastline. Differing from this layout is the building on the southern side, which has a more complex plan, consisting of three volumes of different height.


Texts by Graziano Magrini

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 07/feb/2008