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  • Entrance to the Pharmacy Baldi Marini, Lucca.zoom in altra finestra
  • Interior of the Pharmacy Baldi Marini, Lucca.zoom in altra finestra

Farmacia Baldi Marini [Baldi Marini Pharmacy]

The pharmacy was founded by the chemist-pharmacist Fortunato Baldi in 1888, occupying premises on the ground floor of a historic building in Via Vittorio Veneto where it is still located today. From the time of its opening, it was renowned for its production of Galenic preparations, such as Ferro China Baldi, Biofero tonic, Limonata Magnesia Rogé, and syrup of hypophosphites, as can be seen by the numerous elegant labels it still possesses. The sales area has retained its complete furnishings made of wood enamelled light green, as well as some cabinets with drawers and shelves in the back room. The pharmacy also conserves a formulary compiled by Fortunato Baldi with numerous prescriptions, as well as some medicinal herb jars and various objects from its original equipment, including autoclaves and devices for grinding linen seeds.


Texts by Francesco Boccanera, Anna Vittoria Laghi

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 10/gen/2008