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Farmacia Bologni [Bologni Pharmacy]

Recently transferred to Via del Bagno Santo, the Bologni Pharmacy occupied up to 2003 its historic site in Piazza XXIV Giugno, where since the beginning of the 19th century it had been managed by a succession of illustrious pharmacists. Formerly owned by Lunghini, the pharmacy was bought, in 1833, by the naturalist and historian Emanuele Repetti, who owned a second pharmacy in the vicinity. Inherited by his son Carlo, it then became, through marriage, first the property of Vegni and then of Bologni.

Testifying to the pharmacy's two centuries of history are an interesting photograph album and the historic Archive, particularly interesting for the documents of Carlo Repetti. Coeval to the latter is the furniture built by local craftsmen, consisting of glass-fronted cabinets with lunettes, divided by columns supporting a high lentil with a frame. A round table and a marble-topped "fratino", as well as seven of the twelve original stools, are also of fine workmanship. Many of the pharmacy's antique ceramic and glass jars, as well as some scales in a showcase, are still displayed on the shelves of the new premises, whose modern design explicitly recalls the lines of the original furnishings.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 12/feb/2008