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Farmacia Pitti [Pitti Pharmacy]

Some documents bear witness to the existence of a "spezieria" in Piazza San Felice as early as 1427, which was still recorded there in 1666. After 1775 the vicissitudes of this pharmacy were interwoven with those of the grand-ducal "spezieria" which, in those same years, was moved from Palazzo Pitti to Piazza San Felice. The pharmacy of today dates however from the years between 1805 and 1837. The land office records of 1837 show, in fact, that the owner and manager of the pharmacy was Gaspero Puliti di Giovacchino, a well-known pharmacist at the service of the Grand Duke up to 1806, who had opened his pharmacy to the public.

The furnishings at the back of the sales area, which probably date from the time of the pharmacy's opening, consist of shelves with columns, tympanums bearing inscriptions, trabeations, column capitals and friezes, which terminate above in a series of urns and busts. An integral part of the furnishings is the bean-shaped counter with drawers and top in Carrara marble. The furnishings of the sales area, consisting of the sales counter and white wood shelves, are more recent. The pharmacy possesses numerous glass and ceramic objects.


Texts by Antonella Gozzoli

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 30/gen/2008