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  • Baldassini Mill (1581), Anchiano, Vinci.zoom in altra finestra
  • Detail of the Baldassini Mill (1581), Anchiano, Vinci.zoom in altra finestra

Mills in the Vallebuia

The mills are found in the enchanting Vallebuia, not far from the house where Leonardo da Vinci, was born, along the road that leads to Sant'Amato. In the valley, which is often in shadow, grows a type of vegetation typical of wet zones, such as the nearby marshes of Fucecchio.

Especially interesting is the Baldassini mill, built in 1581, as indicated by words incised in the outer wall. The building is divided into three parts: one was used for milling activity, while the other two were probably the olive mill and the miller's house.

Along the itinerary through the valley are the ruins of four more mills of smaller size, with the grindstone structure on the upper floor and storage deposits on the lower. In some of the mills, traces of basins for collecting the water can be seen.


Texts by Cristina Rosselli

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 25/feb/2008