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  • Exterior view of the Museum of the Erci House, Grezzano, Borgo San Lorenzo.zoom in altra finestra
  • Implements for work in the fields, Museum of the Erci House, Grezzano, Borgo San Lorenzo.zoom in altra finestra

Museo della Civiltą Contadina di Casa d'Erci [Casa d'Erci Museum]

The Museum forms part of the Decentralised Museum of Mugello - Upper Mugello - Val di Sieve. It was founded around 1983 at the initiative of the Erci Group, an association of volunteers constituted in 1976, with the support of the population and the local administrations. For many years it has engaged in research on rural culture, organising various initiatives, many of which have been reported in the Group's own publications.

The Museum is situated in an old country house, perfectly restored, on the banks of the Erci torrent. The 24 sections of the exhibition display over 2,000 tools, objects and documents bearing witness to the rural life of the peasant civilisation in Upper Mugello, with its characteristic activities of farming, work in the forest and charcoal production.

Outside of the Museum, an interesting Naturalist-Historical Path illustrates the changes that have taken place in the local culture and landscape. It also features replicas of the various stages of work in the forest, including charcoal burning, the system used to turn wood into charcoal. To make charcoal, wood was heaped in a pile in a clearing, then covered with packed-down earth and lighted on the inside, out of contact with the air.

There is also a botanical garden with high-truck trees and shrubs (perennially woody plants) as well as low-trunk trees branching close to the ground, characteristic of the forests covering the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines.


Texts by Anna Toscano

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 15/mag/2008