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  • Fašade of town hall of Campiglia Marittima, on which appears a table of conversion for measurements.zoom in altra finestra
  • Table of conversion for measurements on the fašade of the town hall of Campiglia Marittima.zoom in altra finestra

Museo della CiviltÓ del Lavoro [Museum of Work]

The ethnographic collection donated by Giovanni Lazzerini to the Citizens' Committee of Venturina was used to form the first core of the Museum, 1992, which was later enriched by other donations.

The various sections of the Museum, dealing with different kinds of work, document the rural and productive activities typical of the Val di Cornia. Particularly interesting are some machines of large size, noteworthy among which are the water scooping machines for land reclamation, typographical machinery, equipment for mechanical workshops and "hot head" tractors. Other sections are dedicated to measurement instruments and domestic activities.


Texts by Graziano Magrini

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 26/gen/2008