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Oratory of San Ludovico

The Oratory of San Ludovico, also known as the Oratory of the Madonna del Buonconsiglio, dates at least to the early 14th century, and was probably built by Pagno degli Aliotti, father of Ludovico, the bishop of Volterra, after whom it was named. As of the 15th century, it was under the auspices of the de’ Gherardacci family (later Bocchineri). Today, it presents late fifteenth-century forms, embellished by decorations in glazed terracotta by the famous bottega of Andrea della Robbia. The facade bears the cockerel, symbol of the Gherardacci family, and their motto, as well as the polychrome relief of the lunette over the portal, which depicts San Ludovico flanked by two angels. Inside, an outstanding altarpiece by Andrea della Robbia depicts the Madonna and Child with Saints Ludovico, Catherine of Alexandria, the Magdalene and Jerome.

It was probably in this oratory that Vincenzo Galilei, son of the famed scientist, married Sestilia Bocchineri in 1629.


Texts by Gabriele Pratesi

English translation by Victor Beard

Last update 16/gen/2008