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  • Grosseto Municipal Astronomical Observatoryzoom in altra finestra

Osservatorio Astronomico Comunale di Grosseto [Grosseto Municipal Astronomical Observatory]

The Grosseto Municipal Astronomical Observatory was created at the initiative of the Maremmana Society for Astronomical Studies (AMSA), which decided in 1983 to remodel a small abandoned school for this purpose. Inaugurated in 1986, in the following years it was quite successful with the public, thanks to the enthusiastic educational initiatives of the society consisting of numerous activities, such as conferences, exhibitions and evening sessions of observing the stars. But in 1992, due to safety problems involving the electrical system, the premises were closed to the public. The Society's activity has continued, however, in the field of research, assisted by the University of Siena.

In 2009 the observatory was reopened and the Association has resumed its regular dissemination and education activities through conferences, photography exhibitions, courses in astronomy, meteorology and climatology, and nighttime observations open to the public.

Great attention is also given to research that in recent times is particularly oriented towards the study of extragalactic supernovae. Future projects include the spectropolarimetric analysis of astronomical sources, the search for extrasolar planets and, in the long term, the construction of a radio astronomy station for the analysis of millimetric and submillimetric spectrum.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 03/lug/2012