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  • Teatro Comunale Castagnoli, Scansano.zoom in altra finestra

Teatro Comunale Castagnoli [Castagnoli Communal Theatre]

The salubrious location of Scansano, far from the unhealthy swamps of the Maremma plains, made this town one of the most important centres of southern Tuscany, delegated, in the 19th century, to accommodating the government offices stationed at Grosseto during the summer months. It is for this reason that we find at Scansano such an important building as the Castagnoli Theatre, whose construction took almost 40 years. Upon completion of the work, in 1891, the hall had an ovoidal bell shape, a loggia with arches and a balcony, according to a model typical of French theatres, and rather unusual in Italian theatres of the time, which were usually constructed with boxes.

Converted to a movie theatre after World War II, it was restored in the last twenty years of the past century, returning to serve its original function.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 01/feb/2008