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  • Former Hospital of San Luca or of the Misericordia, Lucca.zoom in altra finestra
  • Hospital of San Luca or of the Misericordia, entrance to the registration office, Lucca.zoom in altra finestra

Antico Ospedale di San Luca o della Misericordia [Ancient Hospital of San Luca, or of the Misericordia]

The first certain information on the Hospital of San Luca, or of the Misericordia, dates from 1262, and consists of the deed of foundation or approval granted in the form of solemn privilege by Bishop Enrico to the Rector and to the hospital workers. Founded under the sponsorship of the Lucca Merchants Guild, the hospital continued to be the most important medical centre in the province, down to modern times. During the 16th century, numerous other hospices merged with San Luca and the hospital itself, in 1563, established a Medical College. Many of Lucca’s physicians worked there. Among the most illustrious were Iacopo di Coluccino (1373-1416), Antonio da Silico (14th-15th century) and Francesco Maria Fiorentini (17th century). The Merchants Guild continued to run the hospital until it was suppressed in 1807. As recalled by Repetti, "the appointment of the hospital director probably depended on the consoles of the curia, that is, of the Lucca Merchants Guild, to supervise its administration. As soon as the Baciocchi princes became the regents of Lucca, their government claimed for itself jurisdiction over this and every other devout place." As regards the structure, Repetti reports that, "The building is divided into two separate and spacious wards, one for men and the other for women; to which are annexed rooms for the medical and surgical clinics." The men’s section, along with the infirmaries, the accommodations for orphans and the oratories, was located between Piazzale Giuseppe Verdi, Via San Paolino and Via Vittorio Emanuele. The women’s section, entirely rebuilt, is today the site of the municipal Registry Office.


Texts by Elena Fani

English translation by Catherine Frost

Last update 31/gen/2008